Lenten Resources We Love

water-for-lentMarried to springtime, Lent is an invitation to renewal. Prayer practices, fasting and almsgiving are set upon a landscape of sprouting daffodils. What was once impenetrable is ripe for bloom! We long to sing “Alleluia!” but hush ourselves saying “not yet.”

Lent invites us to awaken to the sense of becoming that permeates all of life. We enter this liminal time as souls open to change. Like a frozen river warming, the current of God’s mercy breaks the icy exterior of our hearts, urging us to let go of the shores where we have become comfortable and fortified.

We wish you a Lenten season that is rich with compassion that your heart may soon dance with Easter joy!

Tools for Lenten Family Time 

Research shows that children derive emotional benefits from the celebration of rituals.  Traditions offer children moorings, inspiring a sense of belonging and community in a fractured world.  Religious seasons like Lent provide an opportunity for families to re-engage rituals or experiment with new prayer times.

The Christian Family Movement provides a wonderful, easy to use, family enrichment resource for Lent.  It contains options for families with young, middle, and older children.

Another wonderful resource is the book, Lent and Easter in the Domestic Church by Catherine and Peter Fournier.  This illustrated book provides family activities to celebrate the Catholic liturgical seasons of Lent and Easter.  The book also includes information about Saints and almsgiving.

Video Clips for Personal and/or Small Group Reflection

Flowers blooming. Lent is a time to prepare our hearts for the joy of Easter. Watch flowers bloom in this time-lapsed video set to joyful music.

Questions for reflection or discussion: What calls your heart into passionate bloom? Where do you find joy?


My Beautiful Woman.  This is a short story about a young mother and her daughter.  It presents some intriguing ideas for Lenten reflection and action.  See what you think.

Questions for reflection or discussion:  What virtues are portrayed in this story? Pick one virtue and describe how you might demonstrate that virtue during Lent.

Identify a statement or an image that resonates for you from this story.  Why is that particular line or image important for you?


Lenten Links

Art & Lent Prayer Resources from Loyola Press

Loyola Press provides videos, activities, prayers, online retreats and much more. These are terrific resources for personal reflection or group catechesis and faith-sharing.

Lenten Recipes from Rachel Ray

For many people Lent includes a degree of fasting, particularly from meat. This webpage from chef, Rachel Ray, provides special recipes for healthy, meatless dishes perfect for table fellowship.

Volunteer Opportunities at HandsOnOhio

Ghandi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Hands On Northeast Ohio provides a searchable database of service opportunities in the region.

Anglican Lent and Easter Resources 

This website provides an abundant listing of Lent and Easter resources. Resources range from Scripture reading plans to sites with music and art.  Have you ever wanted to make palm crosses?  They have a link to show you how to make them!